Optimizing analytics for the reduction of credit risk

Our expertise in market exposure helped our clients through recent economic volatility and many of today’s ICD security features are a result of our client-centric risk management specialization.


Trading the world’s Money Market Funds with a wealth of intelligence

ICD offers a global menu of money market products through one streamlined ICD application, which provides access to a wide selection of money market funds representing all asset classes and 8 currencies.


Providing the benchmark for extraordinary client-dedicated services

With more than a century of combined institutional money market service experience, ICD client-dedicated representatives offer deep industry expertise in all regions. Our independent, unbiased, non-leveraged market position transcends conflicts of interest.


Optimizing analytics for the reduction of credit risk

With trade support and service desks in San Francisco, Boston and London, ICD provides the world’s corporations, government agencies, and fiduciary entities with a global fund portal network conducting business with the world’s most respected corporate treasuries in over 30 countries.

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