Fund Exposure Analytics

Transparency Plus® is an industry breakthrough tool that enables clients to view consolidated credit risk on individual securities across multiple MMF and Separately Managed Account portfolios. Transparency Plus dramatically reduces the fact gathering process enabling corporate treasury groups to focus on the execution side of treasury operations.

Client-Centric Intelligence

Transparency Plus offers corporate treasury departments access to vital and timely information to assist in guiding day-to-day investment decisions. Combined with the benefits of ICD’s trading platform, Transparency Plus provides clients with the ability to quickly identify and react to “headline risk” in a rapidly changing market.

On-Demand Reporting

The comprehensive reports generated through Transparency Plus aggregate the securities of each fund enabling users to identify and gauge credit exposure. Detail includes financial information on holding sponsors along with both current and historical credit default swap and stock performance metrics. Additionally, Transparency Plus generates “what-if” scenarios to help determine optimal asset allocation. Reports available through Transparency Plus include Comprehensive Report, Fund Report, MMF Guideline Report, Repo Report, Universal Report and NAV Flow Liquidity Report.